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American Auto Industry The American Auto Industry began in the late 1800 's and grew to be one of the largest of it 's kind in the world. The industry also encompasses many global automobile and auto parts manufacturers across the country. Production rise and fall over the past decade has dropped the American Automobile Industry into the number two spot in the global market just behind China. The Big Three,comprised of General Motors, Ford Motor Company, and FCA US(formally known as Chrysler), were the primary owners of most of the manufacturing facilities in the United States. Competition in the automobile industry is hard to distinguish since most all of the major global automotive makers have and do produce their vehicles in U.S.…show more content…
Working together, the “cobots” can help it 's human counterparts with tasks like lifting, assembling, painting and even seeing. “ The laser and camera placing in an array on the robot wrist, are able to see exactly where to install the parts on the car body.”(Bélanger-Barrette, 2016) Technology has made the assembly line flow faster and more efficient. Computer assistance in the auto industry doesn 't stop there. A car designer uses a program to design a concept for the car they want to make. That design is approved and sent to the next computer program which tells the machine all the information it needs to know to build the car. The assembly line is programmed to follow the directions and help humans produce the finished product. Computers are in every aspect of an automobile, from conception to production, all the way to computers helping you use the car and even driving the car for you. Cars come equipped with smart dashboards that respond like smart phones to read your texts to you, answer the phone for you, retrieving road maps and finding the best route to take on your destination, and playing music. Cars that drive themselves can remotely sense it surroundings, have laser range finders, and generate 3-D maps to navigate it 's environment. Also, stop-start technology, or Idle Start and Stop Systems helps with reduce fuel consumption by shutting the car off when the engine is idling. This is a
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