American Beauty By Lester Burnham Essay

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“I have lost something...It’s never too late to get it back,” stated Lester Burnham, the main character of American Beauty. American Beauty is a 1999 film that provides a look into the lives of a modern married couple that is dealing with issues within their relationship. As the story progresses, it is easily identifiable that the roles of the husband and wife are not what the viewers would expect. On the other hand, the homosexual couple presented throughout the movie seems to be the normal pair. Furthermore, society’s definition of beauty and contentment is questioned. Throughout American Beauty, the homosexual couple has a healthier relationship than the heterosexual couple and beauty is falsely represented. The goal of this paper is to prove why the homosexual couple is more normal than the heterosexual couple and why the definition of beauty is not accurate throughout the plot of American Beauty by using the technique of gender criticism. My first step to achieving this goal will be providing evidence about the main masculine and feminine roles and how they are reversed. Afterwards, I will compare and contrast the relationship of the homosexual couple with that of the heterosexual couple. In addition, I will describe how the movie depicts society’s definition of beauty by allowing the readers to sympathize with teenagers, Jane Burnham and Angela Hayes. To begin, Lester Burnham is a middle-aged man who has grown weary concerning the daily routine of his life and wife,
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