American Bird Rehabilitation

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Mandy Sanguigni, Jordyn Kee, Alena Steele
BIO 101
Visit to Tamarack Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center (TWREC)
Lab Report

Please answer the following questions with your regular lab partner using the following webpages:
Tamarack Wildlife:
American bird conservancy:

1) In your own words, briefly explain your experience visiting the TWREC. Also, would you support similar wildlife rescue centers? Why?

The TWREC was an eye-opener because when walking around the perimeter and downstairs made our group realize the importance in helping our environment. When the class adventured downstairs we watched the lady feed an injured eagle. The eagle needed help to take medicine, especially
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Many of the animals we saw during the visit were birds and owls. One of the interesting birds we observed was called the “Merlin Falcon”. This bird has been suffering from a broken wing and has been treated at the center. The lady, who was talking about the information, was caused by either flying into an electrical line or hit by a car.

Using the American Bird Conservancy website, answer the following questions:

3) Name and briefly explain two factors that threat bird conservation worldwide. The first factors that threaten bird conservation include extinction. Many birds are declining in the population and heading towards extinction without any immediate action being taken. When humans started coming on the earth, many bird species have gone extinct due to this reason. The second factor that threatens bird conservation would be habitat loss. Most habitats where birds live are being replaced with human attractions including buildings, stores, and roads. This causes bird habitat declines in the environment.

4) Name two “priority bird” species and briefly explain why these bird species are
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This bird has been reduced to fewer each year. These species are in need of immediate action because they are victims of collisions as well, which include tall buildings, cell towers, radio antennas and wind turbines. It is very clear to see that collisions with towers are a big problem for this particular specie.

5) Name and briefly explain two solutions that can lead to improving bird conservation worldwide.

The first solution in helping to improve bird conservation worldwide includes tracking devices on a particular species. Using these tracking devices is small enough to be placed on birds on their backs. This can help researchers and rescue centers to keep track of the birds and analyze some data they might need for years to come. Researchers state, “there has been significant population of the Rufa Red Knots since the tracking devices have been used in the area.” The second solution that can help improve bird conservation worldwide would be to reserve particular land to save birds. By creating land to save rare birds and establishing benefits for migratory birds is very important. Providing a place for species to live and save the extinction in these birds. The goal is to create a new reserve land to expand existing homes to conserve all endangered bird species
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