American Black Bears Research Paper

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When most people hear the word black bear, they think about the cute little cubs, running around and playing with each other, and not what makes them such intriguing animals, considering they are only found in North America, and are the smallest of the bear family. American black bears are the most common bears found in North America. They can be seen in at least 40 of the 50 states, Canada, and part of Mexico. Florida and Louisiana each have their own subspecies of the traditional black bear that make up small sections of the entire population.
Some of the physical traits on an American black bear are slick black fur, a brown muzzle and individuals may have some type of markings on their chest. Location also affects the color of their fur, some of the Western populations possess brown, cinnamon and even blond coloring. There is even a rare genetic phenomenon where a black bear will be born and have bluish-white fur and it only happens in southeastern Alaska. What sets the Louisiana black bear apart from the rest is that it
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and Canada offer, black bears can live in both coniferous and deciduous forests, as well as the open alpine habitats. Basically anywhere near a river or some water source, has plenty of trees, and are able to find food. Black bears usually forage alone, even as young cubs. They will stick together with their mother if there is an abundance of food in one are.
“Black bears are not true hibernators” according to Nation Geographic. Black bears have several reasons they may leave their den during the winter months, mainly if they do not have enough food to last the winter, they will leave and search for more. If the weather is warmer like down in Florida and Louisiana, they don’t necessarily have a winter. They will remain in their dens if they give birth, presumably for the safety of the cubs.
Mating season for American black bears is in the summer, and peak between the months of May and
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