American Cancer Society Website

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American Cancer Society The American Cancer Society website is a website that allows the public to research and get involved with the cancer community. On this website one can find out how to research cancer, find support and treatment, and how to stay healthy. Since health is a very crucial factor in avoiding cancer, this website gives incentive on how to keep the right diet to avoid cancer and what foods will benefit the body the most. This website also contains the latest news about cancer. It allows people can get in touch with doctors to help themselves or a loved one who is diagnosed. Information is also provided on the latest treatments used to narrow some cancers, which might be related to a certain individual in the community.…show more content…
It also offers information on helping children understand the disease and how to deal with cancer. Getting involved in the community is very important to the success in fighting the battle against cancer. The ACS has a wide variety of opportunities to participate or attend community events. The website allows you to insert you location by zip code, city or state to find events and volunteer opportunities in your area. This service is great because you can find what works with individual schedules, help cancer patients and their families and build relationships that last a lifetime. Donations are another way to contribute to the fight against cancer. The contributions provide free programs and services, funds research and makes sure cancer remains a priority issue for future elected officials. I found the website to be very informative in finding services in my community. I personally used this website to help find support groups for myself and my loved ones dealing with cancer. I have been diagnosed with two types of cancer and found that resources help my family and I get through the process. Being referred by my general physician, I researched doctors and services regarding radiation and chemotherapy through the ACS website and found a hospital that suited my needs in the Northern California area. My family and I also found events to participate in, throughout California. We have been able to connect with others suffering from this disease and
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