American Capitalism And Soviet Communism

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American capitalism and Soviet Communism were incompatible systems; Washington shouldn’t have been surprised to hear this in George Kennan’s long telegram. But the tensions were not always this high between the two word powers. In the end of world war two, “Stalin 's empire was won with reservoirs of soviet blood”(cite 1). The thought to be never ending Soviet army was not limitless anymore. The estimated cost of the war was at 2.6 trillion(cite 4), with most of the population wanting to focus on reconstructing. But the inevitable behavior of the soviets to push east for bases, land with oil, and to help to instill a communistic government, led to the pause of any rebuilding in the USSR.
The United states alliance with the Soviets was catalysed by Hitler 's attack on the soviets on June 22, 1941, and the Japanese attack on the US. The US and the new dealers became Stalin’s strategic partners against the Axis powers. The US lend lease program helped the soviets immensely with the Germans and Stalin had acknowledged that without it, they would not have been able to endure the Nazi force. At the time, “Roosevelt had believed that Russians would come bow down to America, would humbly beg, since the USSR is a poor country, without industry, without bread–so they had no other option. But we looked at it differently. Our people were ready for sacrifice and struggle”(cite 55). The Soviets may have not needed the alliance but it was very profitable to them and vital to…
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