Essay about American Capitalism

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American Capitalism

Capitalism - "An economic and political system in which a country's trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state."

America was an ideal breeding ground for capitalism, a relatively new country, in need of young entrepreneurs to kick start it's already buoyant economy. The country was an ideal place to get rich quick, an idea that inspired the immigrants that poured into it each year. In America it seemed you could turn your rags to riches in no time at all. It's this idea that fueled the American Dream

Capitalism was motivated in the 20s by the Republican government. They believed in non-interference or "laissez faire", the
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People facing religious or political persecution, or just plain poverty came to America to alleviate themselves from negative aspects of life. This was an important part of the American dream as it made many immigrants cross the seas to seek this liberty.

On the surface American capitalism seemed to be helping the country no-end. There were several visible indications of the prosperity. Mass production meant that technological advances such as washing machines and hovers became available to many families. The inflating wages helped to fund the new streak of consumerism that swept the country, Americas wages were far higher than any comparitable jobs over the world. New motor cars were popping up all over the place, thanks to Henry Ford, a figure often used to symbolise the American dream as he was so successful, and even today is a household name. A newly founded advertising industry worked it's tricky magic amongst the susceptible citizens, making goods seem all the more glamorous. Easy credit helped in the purchase of the goods once a person was dedicated to enriching their life with it. For those who lived far from shops and arcades came mail order catalogues and travelling salesmen, meaning people all over America could enjoy the wonders of consumerism. Prosperity could also been seen in the low unemployment rates, helped considerably by the roaring construction industry,
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