American Childbirth In Nepal

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Today we will be looking at the different conditions and practices of childbirth through two distinct cultures. Childbirth is a universal element throughout any culture, and just like other cultures, we all have are own way of doing things. Take for example North American and Nepal, both have a very unique way of providing care and creating conditions fit for women giving birth. Although hospital settings, medicine, and other medical producers, are things women would consider normal practices while giving childbirth in America, Women in Nepal are often not given the same societal help while giving birth, which In return often leads to death.
North America’s childbirth conditions and practice have been revolutionized throughout time. Today, many aspects of childbirth are carefully inspected to create, in their opinion, the healthiest environment for the women and child. The vast majority of Americans birthing environment takes place at a “hospital, birthing-centers, and homes,” while “planned home births” are fewer then 1% of birth (347). When having a planned at home birth, a birthing center will bring all the required equipment to your
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It’s fair to say that society in America has created childbirth to be a safe and often times un-freighting situation. Unfortunately, one cannot say the same for pregnant women in Nepal’s rural areas, where women fend for themselves to give birth, and run a high risk of maternal death. The societal view of childbirth is very different in either country, whereas women are treated very differently throughout the birthing process. In America we may think that the conditions and practices of childbirth in Nepal are unmoral, however, this is a major aspect of their cultural, and is often not looked down upon by people living in
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