American Civil War and Sectionalism

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1. Approximately 180,000 Negros served in the Union during the Civil War. The Negro Soldier was overall a good one. One example was at the Assault on Fort Wagner, South Carolina. The 54th Massachusetts Colored troops led the assault and scaled the fort’s parapet and were only driven back after brutal hand-to-hand fighting. The Negro faced some discrimination in the Union Army in areas such as pay. It wasn’t until June 15th, 1864 that the Congress granted equal pay to Negro troops. Several Negro soldiers earned the Medal of Honor. The North attitude towards Negro troops was mainly positive, while the South did not want Negros to serve in the Confederate Army. It wasn’t until the Confederates were running low on men did they allow Negros to serve. The Negros serving in the North felt it as their duty to serve and support the cause for their own freedom.
2. General Ulysses S. Grant was a brilliant strategist and seemed to be able to plan out movements in advance. The people of the North thought the tremendous casualties to be horrendous. But Grant knew that the South’s casualties to be much more than the North’s. Grant did have the support and trust of the North though and his record did well to deserve that support. His commanders trusted his completely. Grant’s idea of “Total War” was to break down the infrastructure of the South. The Siege of Petersburg which lasted almost years, then the capture of Richmond is among the battles Grant engaged in while south of the James
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