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American College of Commerce and Technology POM+ Project Part 1 Name : Panchal Janki Course : BUS550 Project Management Instructor : Prof Salman Qureshi Date: 04/29/2016 Abstract Kola Company started the POM+ Project with an end goal to check rivalry from strength juice refreshments cutting into its pop deals. In light of higher overall revenues, expanded business sector presentation, and higher antibody levels found in pomegranate squeeze, the POM+ venture is in charge of concocting, testing, creating and advertising a pomegranate juice based claim to fame drink. The POM+ Project need network has established that expenses are an obliging element, venture degree ought to be improved as accessible, and the task course of…show more content…
POM+ Project will lead the route for Big Kola Company 's endeavors into the serum juice market. The POM+ venture group has gained unfaltering ground; in any case, as of the keep going redesign on May 31, 2012 it is over spending plan and has not improved its work asset assignments. Summary In the course of the most recent quite a while, specific natural product juices have made a major sprinkle in the refreshment business. Huge Kola Company has chosen to make its own particular line of claim to fame juice refreshments with an end goal to support hailing benefits while breaking into new markets. Grape juice drinks were the first to make a forte squeeze specialty in the refreshment market through overwhelming publicizing touting the sound, cancer prevention agent advantages found in grape juice. A few refreshment producing organizations stuck to this same pattern and started showcasing their own particular grape juice based drinks. Enormous Kola has investigated different alternatives and, following quite a while of statistical surveying overviews, has built up a rundown of three potential high-edge drinks: cranberry, blueberry, and pomegranate. While every one of the three are high in cancer prevention agents, Big Kola has chosen to deliver a pomegranate refreshment in view of its 71 percent relative capacity to take out free radicals when contrasted with 33 percent for blueberries and 20 percent for cranberries (Larson and Gray,
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