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American College of Commerce and Technology

POM+ Project Part 1
Name : Panchal Janki
Course : BUS550 Project Management
Instructor : Prof Salman Qureshi
Date: 04/29/2016

Kola Company started the POM+ Project with an end goal to check rivalry from strength juice refreshments cutting into its pop deals. In light of higher overall revenues, expanded business sector presentation, and higher antibody levels found in pomegranate squeeze, the POM+ venture is in charge of concocting, testing, creating and advertising a pomegranate juice based claim to fame drink. The POM+ Project need network has established that expenses are an obliging element, venture degree ought to be improved as accessible, and the task course of events is adaptable. In view of this standard, Gage Conner, the POM+ Project Manager, has decided the work breakdown structure, delineated the basic way and leveled asset assignment. Tragically, with roughly seven weeks left in the calendar, the POM+ Project is over spending plan and failing to meet expectations. Mr. Connor should now consider utilizing the standards of Earned Value Management, getting the most value for the money, as he reconsiders the POM+ venture arrangement and asset distribution.

POM+ Project: Squeezing the Juice Out of the Drink Market

The Big Kola Company has perceived a chance to break into the claim to fame juice refreshment market. After beginning research and market studies, it has decided it will bring…
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