American Comics And Japanese Manga

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I. Abstract When mention comics, everyone can think of America comics and Japanese manga. They are two big parts of world comics and represent western and eastern comics. So they will have some differences in style, content and development. America comics is mainly about superheroes and reflects individualistic heroism. Japanese manga has many genres. II. Introduction Comics is a kind of medium that uses drawing and writing to tell a story. Cartooning is the most common mean in comics. Comics can be divided into two kinds. One is English-language comics, another is Japanese manga. America comics is the representation of English-language comics. As we all know, many America comic books are adapted to movies, such as Superman, Batman, and…show more content…
It is the generic terms of combinatorial pictures’ works, and it is also magazine that publish these kind of works. Highly developed Japanese manga has already become a big school that has its own particular style on the world comics. V. The comparison of America comics and Japanese manga. America comics and Japanese manga are two important and big comic schools. Although they have some similar aspects, they have more differences because of different background. Then, I will compare these two kinds of comics in three aspects. A. Styles and content The first is drawing style. America comics is almost about superheroes, these characters are drawn hasty and careless. And it is colorful. Japanese manga’s pictures are delicate, and its characters are beautiful. The second is content. America comics is just about superheroes, and it mainly express individualistic heroism. Its stories are more close to reality, and its content is almost about fighting. Japanese manga’s themes are abundant. ”It includes works in a broad range of genres: action-adventure, romance, sports and games, historical drama, comedy, science among others.”[3]Every aspect of live can be drawn to manga. Japanese manga is more flexible than America comics. B. Development “American historians generally divide comics chronologically into «ages». The first period, called «Golden Age», extends from 1938 (first appearance of Superman) to 1954

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