American Conquest Of Africa

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Name: yoelvi flores Batista Date: 5/18/17

How the pre-1600 civilizations in Africa and the Americas obtained, consolidated and maintained power

The discovery of America by Christopher Columbus in 1492 and the subsequent conquest of this continent by Spaniards and Portuguese reverberated from the 16th Century on another region of the planet, somewhat removed from the events of conquest: Africa.
Although separated both continents by the Atlantic Ocean, with completely different historical, social and economic developments, from the XVI Century a rapprochement between America and Africa takes place. The reason for this approach lies in the fact that the conquest of America, with all the natural wealth and development prospects it offered to its conquerors, required the indispensable complementation of manpower for the appropriation of such riches and the obtaining of advantages in exploitation Economic development of such vast areas.
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It will begin an incessant flow that will last four hundred years, in which millions of Africans will compulsorily cross in slave ships the Atlantic Ocean for later to be sold to the colonizers of America.
The Aztecs are mystical but realistic are people present tenochtitlan Aztec capital built on a small island in the middle of a floating lake.Adaptaciones chinampas the floating gardens made to expand their limited land perhaps for them it was better because they live this way because they were spiritual person and Realists can live better because they can have better living because nobody bothered because they were not on
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