American Constitution

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PO 201 – American Constitution
Oct 15, 2012 1. The most general definition of politics would be the process by which values are authoritatively allocated for a particular society. More specifically that allocation speaks to the process where it is decided when, what, who, and how resources are distributed. Many would say that politics is no more than the art of governing humanity through deception, and some would even go as far as to say it is nothing more than conducting public affairs for private gain.

Government has numerous roles but four of the major areas are paramount. Manage the national economy. It is the responsibility of the government to place checks and balances within the system to make sure the economy
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7. The Virginia Plan came from a Constitutional Congressional meeting that was originally planned to revise the Articles of Confederation. The Virginia Plan was drafted by James Madison yet presented by Edmund Randolph. The concept was a bicameral legislature consisting of two houses. The lower house was to be elected by the popular majority, and the members of the upper house elected by the lower house. Both houses had representatives based on the population of the individual state (directly proportional,) and would create a strong central government with the states playing a subordinate role. Interestingly enough the plan did include a judicial and executive branch.
8. There are many points that make the American Constitution such a special and unique document. Five of the major points of consideration would be: Federalism, separation of power, built-in checks and balances, popular sovereignty, and the Bill of Rights.
Federalism speaks to organizing government based on a geographical division of power. It keeps the concept that the national government has final authority over all entities. But it still recognizes that states have power within their borders over issues that are not defined on the national level.
Separation of power is a concept that seems elementary but many governments have missed this necessary fact. The three branch organization of the US government has an
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