American Containment Dbq

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Guided Essay: Berlin, Korea and Cuba:
How Did the US Contain Communism?

A war of iron curtains, iced words, and constant fear; the cold war. After world war two the world was split into three sides. The Soviet Union and China became Communist. They entered into a cold war with the U.S, Canada and Australia who were fearful of this new governmental system. Africa and South America where the only major countries to remain neutral. The US used several ways of trying to contain Capitalism. Among these the best examples are protecting countries they considered ‘free’ from communist treats, Aiding needy countries to ensure they didn’t turn to communism, and the threat of missiles. The most direct form of containment lied in protecting the countries
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We did this through the Marshall Plan (Background essay) and by aiding Berlin (Document B). The Marshall Plan came shortly after the Truman Doctrine. The Marshall Plan gave more than 12,000,000,000 dollars to rebuilding places like France and West Germany, who were European democracies. In 1948 the U.S and her allies risked a communist blockade to deliver supplies to Berlin (Document B). This example was chosen because it shows how much we were willing to spend on containment. The last and most remembered part of containment was the missiles. From 1962 to 1963 the U.S and Cuba were gearing up for a nuclear war (Document D). The Soviet Union secretly shipped nuclear warheads, troops, and missiles to Cuba. U.S spy planes found evidence of this and responded with a quarantine. This was resolved without any nuclear fallout but it is still a good example because it shows how much Americans were willing to risk. Although these are not all the details of our containment attempt they are the most severe. Protecting countries we considered free, providing supplies to ensure needy countries didn’t turn to communism, and the threat of missiles were the most prominent examples. Understanding the past and how we acted in times of panic is key to understanding our reactions in the present and
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