American Countries : Female Leaders, The Myth That They Are Behind The United States

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With four Latin American Countries having female leaders, the myth that they are behind the U.S. is false. (Weiss, L., 2014). Another stereotype is that immigrants are taking money away from the United States. Despite the speculation about the financial cost of immigrants, Norris-Tirrell (2002) reported that immigrants cost Florida a mere $25 a year more than the average resident and that undocumented residents brought in more than $200 a year per person to Texas.
Latinos have often been described as; brown skinned people from Latin America. No matter where in Latin America one originates, all agree that if one is perceived as white they are seen as benefitting most. On the other hand, those who are seen as white are often discriminated against often because they are not believed to be Latino which can be very painful as it looks to erase their Latin roots. Many Latin communities believe the Eurocentric Beauty Standards which indicate those with straight hair, pale skin, slim noses, and light colored eyes are praised for the ways that they look above everyone else. Benefitting from these standards is seen as white privilege because those who benefit are likely praised for their looks, seen in a more positive light, compared to the Latin celebrities praised for their good looks, have never been told they have bad hair and not been told they are too dark. (Loubriel, J., 2016) It is the white…
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