American Culture And Hispanic Culture

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After some thought I strongly do believe I have many privileges that I often ignore because they are so embedded in my everyday life. For example I would classify the ability to speak Spanish and English as the most important privileges to have in this country and time. Having the access to both of these languages creates the ability to cross cultures whenever I want. Those being the American culture and Hispanic culture. If I want to learn a new language I would have an advantage due to how much these languages overlap with other languages. One can fly across the world, knowing only English or Spanish and one is highly guaranteed to find someone that speaks either language. I admit ethnicity and social class has a lot to do with the privilege of being bilingual. If my mother would have decided to stay in Mexico I would probably know only one language. Even though being born nor living in the United States gives you an assurance of learning English, it does give you an advantage. My mother made it her priority for me to know both languages as best as I could. I know for a fact many immigrant children do not even have that privilege neither. So from any angle one sees this, being bilingual can be very privileged. Another privilege I have started to notice recently is my age. Socially speaking I would be considered young and unexperienced in life. As I become older I often find myself believing these stereotypes. Overall I would say being young is a privilege to a certain
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