American Culture And Its Technological Leadership Of Web Based And Consumer Technology

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From a historic viewpoint, the American culture has dominated global culture based on its technological leadership of Web-based and consumer technology (Ashby, 2006). While these innovations are being adopted outside the United States, in America on the other hand, it becomes less “American” and more global. Cortada (2009) explains that American Web sites, applications and high-tech gadgets are dispersed worldwide, which results therefore in them becoming less US-centric, even though they remain influenced by American culture.
By using Facebook in this thesis, one sees that this technology is clearly a part of American culture, but worldwide adoption leads it to become less American. Nye (1997) explained, “Machines are social constructions which Americans long have built into both their narratives and their sense of place” (P.39). Technologies are an essential part of American self-representation, tourism, and visual sensibility. Americans have also developed machines in their own way and woven them into landscapes, social relations and a sense of history (Nye, 1997). However, Postman (1992) defines a society as a “techonopoly”; the culture has its authorization in technology, and finds its approvals and takes its orders from technology. Still, Postman was criticized by David Croteau and William Hoynes (2003), they argued that Postman had underestimated the work of a technology’s users. Alexander Star (1992) also disagreed with Postman, and argued that Postman disregards…
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