American Culture And Morals Of Its Citizens Essay

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Whether it is through a different career, political viewpoints, or even cultural differences, America gives citizens the right to “make their own name for themselves.” America was once built on individualists, but as a society today this nation is conformists. Everyone follows trends with songs, dances, appearance, clothes, make-up, and etc. People feel the need to fit in as a society as appose to being an individualist. They don’t stand out because they don’t want people bullying then nor making fun of them. People today do not like to be looked at nor treated as individualists they want to be hip and cool and fit in with everyone else around them. People don’t have a mind of their own, they want to be like everyone else and not be an outlier. America is so much in the pursuit of short-term happiness and gratification, that this society is willing endure corruption and degradation, which decides the culture and morals of its citizens. America is one of the most mind-controlled countries on the planet. Americans talk about with religious dedication about how they have freedom and democracy. In America, truth is not the highest ideal or passion. Neither is freedom or democracy. The country is governed by a sense of "moral authoritarianism”. It 's all about conformity and obedience to authority and the manufactured consensus. Basically, you are taught to believe whatever you are told by authority, the media, and the consensus, even if it doesn 't make sense and even if those
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