American Culture And The Culture

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Although I always entertain the idea of Charles the Great, a king of the Franks that, “To have another language is to possess a second soul,” deep down I know language is a part of the culture. If I do not understand the culture attached to it, I may never get the real insight of the language I speak. That is why more than three months ago, I registered for a course called “American Studies” with an objective to gain a deeper perspective of the culture I am living in. Interestingly, during the coursework, I gain more than just a general concept about American culture.
To me, American culture is a combination of many contradictions. Although I always try to be as skeptical as possible, there are times I cannot escape from both perspectives and stereotypes when interpreting this culture. My attempt to study American culture both through literature and popular approach such as music, movies, TV shows, magazines is more than just a preparation to adapt, but a personal interest. However, no matter how I have acquired the wide and updated knowledge about American culture, I may not get the “real sense of America.” For instance, it struck me a couple day ago when I heard that Prince passed away. I read about him, I know how he influences American society, I know why he is considered as an American icon, but I cannot gain the same feeling about his death as American people do. The other time happened when the topic in class was about advertising. Although I watched tons of American…
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