American Culture And The Influence Of Music

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American Culture and the Influence of Music
“There 's something missing in the music industry today... and it 's music. Songs you hear don 't last, it 's just product fed to you by the industry.” – Jimmy Buffet. These words by Buffet highlight the drastic changes in music culture over the years. The mainstream music today is brief. Modern songs are composed to be hits at the moment and forgotten later, which results in ephemeral products that stay in the annals of music history. The popular genres’ quality steadily deteriorates. Originally, music was melodic, less strident, personal, and concocted by people who really loved and were passionate towards it. They resound and have musical offspring, unlike today’s superficial and meaningless music. Certainly, there are modern artists with good track records who enjoy talent and fame for their repercussion in society. However, it is clear how the worldliness that now typifies the pop culture, interferes with art. This is due to the audience’s acceptance of music containing lyrics that encourages all kinds of indecorous behavior. Although, Beyoncé is known for being the third most honored women in Grammy Award history and a global symbol of female empowerment, her song “Partition” should be avoided because it lacks emotion, encourages teen pregnancy, and has lyrics crowded with unintelligible pop-culture references.

The first reason to avoid Beyoncé’s song “Partition” is the lack of emotion. The music, like any art form, is a
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