American Culture Breeds Violence Against Women

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American culture breeds violence against women.

In the US, hyper-sexualized images of women dominate the advertising campaigns of Fortune 500 companies. Still, women are deemed passive, overly emotional, and always seeking aid, primarily in the form of the hard bodied male hero. Cinematic depictions of women haven 't improved since the 1950s. And the pornography industry, now more violent and exploitative than ever, rakes in more cash than Hollywood.

Indeed, the notion that men should dominate, humiliate, harass, rape or assault women is constantly reinforced in modern American society and culture. That being said, college campuses are some of the worst offenders. Here, I 'm not just referring to flippant forms of harassment, but also rape, violent assault and murder.

Consequently, the American university is an important political, cultural, and ideological battleground in the ongoing War Against Women. Yet, universities only represent one segment of the larger War Against Women, a war that has taken countless lives, and destroyed numerous others, a war that reaches every inch of American society.

Campus Life

Recently, several fraternities have been photographed displaying highly demeaning and offensive banners from the balconies of their fraternity homes. At Old Dominion University, the banners read, "Hope your baby girl is ready for a good time," "Freshman daughter drop off," and "Go ahead and drop Mom off too." At Ohio State University, the banners read, "Daughter…
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