American Culture

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Americanization Culture influences different aspects of an individual’s identity. In its purposefulness, it creates a feeling of belonging and a shared lifestyle among people, while it divides the world into communities of common customs, values, religion, practices, and law.1 American culture can be seen as more diverse and complex; however, people manage to find common ground through music, art, fashion, science, technology, worldviews and democracy. On the grander scale, Americanization greatly impacts foreign countries and has the power to control them. It is capable of compelling good influence over other nations and often times it succeeds in doing so. American cultural…show more content…
These sitcoms and other media entertainment give countries insight into American culture through how Americans dress, how they eat, and often other products that would inspire purchasing and consumption. The shows also express how Americans live on a daily basis from technological advancements to social gatherings. Music Television (MTV) is a twenty-four-hour American television channel that delivers music videos, celebrity news, music events and more. All over the world, individuals indulge in this channel and adapt to its taste in music as well as fashion. Not only has MTV served as a tool to stimulate consumer purchase, but has shown women in places like India that there is hope for modernity and liberty. MTV India, portrays modern Indian women as Vee-Jays or music on-air announcers.11 Music videos portray American values, beliefs and norms that foreigners may find appealing. In numerous hip-hop videos, rappers flaunt gaudy gold jewelry covered by diamonds and other gemstones while parading themselves in vehicles that most normal Americans cannot afford. Another feature on MTV is a show called “MTV Cribs” which shows the opulent houses and lifestyles of the rich and famous. While certain videos promote this ideal, other videos often
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