American Culture: Religion and the Romanticism Movement

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Much controversy is involved in religion because of the effect it has on the nation and how it reflects upon significant political figures. From early to mid-1800, Romanticism, a period involving literature, art, and theoretical ideas, impacted America as well, although it originated in Europe. Religion and Romanticism helped innovate diversity in culture, contoured virtual concepts, and promoted an emergence in the improvement of America as a nation. Diversity was establishing due to the growth of Religion and Romanticism. Beginning with religion, Lutheran church services were extremely popular between the years 1796-1882. Important figures were depicted through numerous wall paintings and showcased throughout churches. People’s values began to grow along with the concepts of faith and art. The English Protestant churches were lacking what modern churches offered; many enjoyed the homey feel of the modern churches and shared their beliefs with not only members of the church, but a majority of the community. Beliefs eventually spread and this helped with the spread of diversity also. According to The Library of Congress, churches were being built at a headlong pace because of the number of people that were continuously attending. The churches were being built to “glorify God” and therefore were built…
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