American Culture : The People 's Way Of Life Essay

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American Culture When American culture is taken into context, comparatively it appears to be an all-inclusive and liberal culture with respect to cultures in other parts of the world. However, American culture has had its fair share of struggles with ethics and morality. Evidence suggests that the American culture somewhat favors the members who are well placed within it and ignores those, the lower class. The problem of segregating people in according to their status looks like a global phenomenon and seems normal. It somehow appears like society is naturally kinder to the “haves” than the “have-nots”. American culture shows that the more stake a person has in this culture the less he or she cares about ethics and morality. And the policies they make dictate the path of the society. American Culture is deeply embedded in our society. Culture is a people’s way of life. Therefore, the American culture shows the way Americans live. Morality refers to the proper behavior and includes distinction of intentions. On the other hand, ethics mostly deals with feelings and whether the people having the feelings perceive the ongoing practices as right or wrong. Morality and ethics are by-products of culture as they exist within the culture, but are very active in shaping the eventual outlook of culture. This indicates a strong relationship among morality, ethics and culture. But that’s not most of people believe, they don’t want to make any change. Popular culture normally follows the
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