American Culture Vs. American Society

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American Culture in comparison to Australian Culture
American society is incorporated of traditions and conventions including language, religion, food, expressions and patriotism. It is accepted via scientists that almost every area of the world has impacted American culture, it is known as the nation of settlers. U.S. culture is basically moulded by the societies of Native Americans, Latin Americans, Africans and Asians.
The United States is sometimes known as a "melting point" in which diverse societies have contributed their own different "flavours" to American culture. Exactly as Cultures far and wide have affected American society, today American society impacts the world. As the third largest nation on the planet with a population of more than 315 Million, the United States is the most socially varied nation on the planet.
Australian society then again is altogether different to that of American society. For example, Australians are not as devoted as Americans. A portion of the patriotism could be ascribed to the noteworthy exhibit of American accomplishments that incorporates landing on the moon, taking a heading part in stopping Nazi Germany, designing the web and winning 30% of Nobel prizes. Then again, in Australia patriotism is been considered as a negative idea in a few viewpoints. However, Australians demonstrate their appreciation by directing ANZAC days for officers and many others.
A standout amongst the most vital distinction that I have generally perceived
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