American Cynisism After World War One

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Such as through books, songs and quotes. After World War I, the American decided that war such as the World War I is too destructive. So they decided that isolationism was the answer to stopping such a destructive war like this to ever happen again.

World War I was the second most destructive war of the 20th century. It lasted from 1914 to 1918. This war was fought with deadly weaponry such as poisonous gas bombs, machine guns, and other weaponry that was never used before. A lot of countries were involved in this war such as the British, Americans, Germany and so on. Also a lot of literature and books about the World War I was written up due to the extreme amount of casualties from the war. Songs and quotes were also written first to encourage before to join the war, then to boost their morale. But later it was mostly sung in memorial for those who have fallen in the war.

A treaty was also drawn up to stop such destruction from happening again. Such as the Treaty of Versailles. The war started out as a small war in Europe and America saw they should not get involved. So as simple as their decision they remained neutral and continue trade with all sides. They could not stop trading with only one side because they fear boycott would occur and cripple the US economy. On 1914 - 1916, The Great British Navy made blockade on Germany causing US trade ships to be unable to trade with…
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