American Democracy Essay

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American democracy is the idea that the government is by the people exercised through elected representatives. America was still mostly unknown land that was begging to be explored, so that brought on the talk of expansion. While there was people populating certain areas, the issue of who could stay there was in full effect. Slavery was at its peak, leading to abolitionists planning the end of it. Democracy came to be by the people having their voices heard and fighting for what they believed in. A concern of creating a democracy was strengthening national security. This could be done by populating the Deep South with “real Americans”. Real Americans would populate and be organized into citizen-militias. Jeffersonians believed that a strong militia would keep the peace throughout (Rothman, 38). Migrating to the South would force the Native Americans onto other parts of land. Indians were thought to have too much land, but failed to use it correctly. In the 1790s, the US began to encourage Native Americans to abandon the hunt in favor of settled agriculture and animal industry. The government wanted the land to be used for crops and the raising of life stock. The government wanted the Indians to realize that they had surplus land that could be used for profit. Supply and demand would induce the Indians to sell the land to the US. The Indians had land to spare, but needed other necessities. US citizens had other necessaries to spare, but needed land. This market exchange was
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