American Depression Research Paper

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Sometimes, things feel as if they just will not change, and it is like life is a swirling, monotonous pit you cannot get out of. Depression is a serious issue, and in recent years, rates of depression have skyrocketed in Americans. There are many potential factors the could be the reason for this. It could simply be higher self-awareness within humans as a whole, or it could also be the social pressure of the current day and time. Many may even say that the internet has caused us to experience isolation that has in turn caused a development of depression. However, it is crystal clear that depression has been diagnosed at increasing rates, and links to this are found to be underlying in social pressures and expectations, less stigma surrounding…show more content…
The environment we are put in has many expectations for how we act and what we say, and this box that we are put into the perimeter of, that many even believe everyone needs to be kept within. This can cause a huge amount of stress upon people who are outside of these supposed perimeters. This stress can lead to depression, and that displays a huge negative aspect of the expected social structure. For example, the expected "housewife" archetype stresses women ridiculously, pushing them to get married, have kids, and stay at home, but this confines many people. This sheer state of uniform expectation can depress anyone who is want to fit into this cookie-cutter form, but have the desire to break out of it. However, there are some benefits to the world as it is, such as the increased awareness of depression and its…show more content…
Depression cases have increased in numbers, and it is an important thing to hold a strong knowledge of. Rates of depression have risen drastically, and it needs to be addressed. A simple way to help is by spreading more knowledge about depression and other mental health issues, so that the general public will be more well-informed about the topic. Depression is serious and affects many, and as an individual one should continue to learn about
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