American Detainee Situation On The Dprk

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American Detainee Situation in the DPRK Of the myriad human rights abuses that are presented by the North Korean regime, the American detainees present a special interest to the United States. North Korea has made a policy of detaining certain American journalists and tourists that enter the state. These detainees may be held for indeterminable amounts of time and face horrid conditions in labor camps (North Korea). The human rights violations involved with these detentions are what draw ire of the United States and many other countries around the globe. To fully understand this policy, North Korea’s history of abductions and the current prisoners’ situations should be examined. With that insight, one can determine that North Korea is detaining Americans for three specific reasons: to promote domestic security, restart international negations, and to gain additional economic capital. North Korea’s history of abductions began soon after the Korean War. These captures originated in February of 1958 when North Korean operatives hijacked a South Korean airliner filled with South Koreans and Americans. While many of these passengers ended up being released by March, eight people were kept in North Korea (Nanto 2003). In the late 1960s, violence and acts of terror against U.S. and R.O.K civilians and military forces continued. One of the most prolific events in this series of aggressive actions was the capture of the U.S. ship Pueblo in January of 1968. All 83 members of the

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