'American Dream Exposed In Babe !'

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Imagine a white picket fence. Behind it, a house-- the house. White and sprawling; a huge backyard with a pool and a hot tub, and in the front yard, grass, green and fresh. Your dog rolls over, lazing about in the sun. Your firstborn child, a fourteen-year-old daughter, sits on the porch, chatting cattily but happily to her best friend on her very first cellphone. Your second, an eight year old boy, jumps up and down on the mini trampoline, shouting that he is going to be in the Guinness Book of World Records. You chuckle and walk around to the side of the house, where your pregnant wife is drinking a virgin bloody Mary. “I got the raise,” you inform her, and watch as her eyes light up. “Babe!” That is the American Dream. We suggest ideals:…show more content…
While gender bias keeps down capable women, the threat of unemployment, poverty, violence, discrimination, and jail time keeps down the minority racial communities of the world, making it harder for non-white, poverty stricken people to rise above their station. To compound the problem, the rich and powerful have a habit of training their children to be rich and powerful, further heightening the already far gone wealth gap between the people in the top and bottom income quintiles. Though some may argue that parents spending money on their children’s education is their right and their choice, when that spending leads to rich children consistently scoring higher on the SATs than their poor counterparts, when that spending leads to children who grow up to go to the best colleges, despite costs a poorer parent would never dare dream of affording, and when these children are given every possible advantage at the expense of the poorer children’s education and welfare, then we have a problem. Money should not be a decider of who is worthy of education, job opportunities, and, ultimately, more money and prestige. (An Hereditary
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