Why Is The American Dream Difficult To Success Essay

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Have you ever thought about a goal of yours and decided to throw it out because you felt as though it was impossible to accomplish? Well, that is how a great deal of Americans feel about their future, but it should be known that it is still possible through hard work and determination. The American dream is the idea that every citizen should have equal rights in things they do. By finishing high school and going to college to study about the career field a person would like to go into, then by doing that one is prepared to be successful. The American Dream is still accessible because those who are successful can achieve it, and those who have the freedoms can reach it, but because the focus has shifted to poverty levels, it may not be accessible to all.
The American Dream is accessible to accomplish because citizens have the freedom to do as they want. For example, in his keynote address, Barack Obama discussed his heritage of hard work by mentioning his fathers, an immigrant, accomplishment, "After the war, they studied on the G.I. Bill, bought a house through FHA and moved west" (Obama 94). This illustrates the concept that all Americans can be successful if they work hard and strive to be better in which allows that person to live their dream. For example, in keynote address Barack speaks about his grandfather and his accomplishment to compass to America, "Through hard work and perseverance my father receives a scholarship to study in a magical place, America, that shone
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