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The success of the American Dream
Mehar Hashmi
Texas Government
Professor Shelton

The success of the American Dream
America is the land of opportunity, due to this, immigrants from all over the world are pursuing that ideal and come here to make this country their home. For many immigrants and individual what symbolizes that you succeed in the United States is the purchase of a house. Homeownership shows that you are rooted in the land that you and your family to prosper. That’s why homeownership is important along with the benefits a family will get with their own house.
For starters, having your own house provides long time stability. This is important because in life many unexpected things. However, a house provides stability that will comfort you because now you will have permanent and a place where you can back to when life gets hard.
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Since you own that property you can do what you desire to do with it as long as it’s legal. At the same time, it also gives you more privacy to do what you want. In a world where everywhere can be leaked or found online,this privacy will make you feel more secure and relaxed.(KarkoskI) Being a homeowner is aN important decision. It’s a part of the American dream immigrants always dreamed about. It shows that your hard work and dedications paid for. It is a mark that you are rooted in a community. It is one of the components that makes the American dream function

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