American Dream Tragedy

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The American Dream : A Tragedy The land of opportunity: a place where we are promised that hard work and determination will grant us the American dream. The idea of the American dream means something different to us all, but ultimately, we expect results from our hard work and accomplishments. We want to have equal opportunities and a chance at success. As hopeful as that sounds, the harsh reality is that even with years of experience, an education, and impeccable work ethic, we are not all guaranteed the American dream. Like many other Americans, my father served his country in the United States Air Force. Later, as he transitioned into civilian life, he began working at what is now the largest cement company in the world: a company that literally helps build the world and the American dream. But his passion and determination set himself apart from the disengaged corporate ladder climbers. After years went by, he…show more content…
At 60 years old, he had spent about the last 5 years trying to restore what he once had. Due to his pride and believing that it was up to him to work for his own success, he did not want any handouts. It's his way of thinking that could uplift our society instead of able-bodied Americans being enabled by our government to sit around collecting checks. There should be a dividing line between those who need help and those unwilling to help themselves. The government could enforce this is by ensuring that people are actively seeking employment if they are able to work, or to crack down on social security fraud. I carry anger and resentment at the thought of my father struggling to make a living to keep his head above water, while some Americans continue to be lazy and collect tax payers' money. During hard times, people might need assistance getting back on their feet, but if there weren't people abusing the system, the government wouldn't need to withhold unnecessary taxes from hard working
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