American Dream by Definintion an American Social Ideal Essay

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American dream, by definintion an American social ideal that stresses egalitarianism and especialty material prosperity. Back when this country was first founded, the American dream was all about a better opportunity with chances to move up in life and live better. Back then they also stressed family values and having a close family. Now a days the American dream has changed to more materialistic stuff and bigger houses and faster cars. Does many bring happiness or does it bring destruction? When this county was founded, it was founded for opportunities to better hardworkers. It also allowed some people of different backgrounds to unite and become one country. However their was a civil war and people didn't always believe on the…show more content…
It seems peopel will do whatever it take to get a head and make a few extra bucks. Some people wouldn't think twice for taking a penny from the "take a penny, leave a penny." Money seems to mean everything now a days, more money means more opportunities but at the same time values get tossed out the window. It isn't this way with everybody but it sure seems like a lot of people in the U.S. feel this way. What does the American dream mean? Over the past hundred years the American dream has transformed gradually from working as a team trying to better yourself and your family, to only working for yourself and stomping on people to get what you want, not need. It seems that it has completely changed since we first founded this country. Which brings me back to does money bring happiness or does it bring destruction? I believe both, you can be happy with a little bit of money but once you start living large their isn't an option to go back to being broke. The American dream has seemed to go to the wasteside, family values have been lost throughout the years and the more money means more "cool" things. If people would just step back and look at what their doing, maybe things would go back to how it use to be, with the knowledge we have now. More family values, people working together, no one trying to get that extra edge. Maybe, all for one,one for

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