American Dream in The Great Gatsby by F. Scott, Fitzgerald

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The American Dream is what pushes the characters in The Great Gatsby. It is the idea or belief that everybody has the opportunity to accomplish their goals and become wealthy and prosperous if they only work hard enough. There is or are some things about the American Dream that never seem to meet the expectations and needs of society. The characters in The Great Gatsby cannot grasp the concept that The American Dream is somewhat an illusion because not everybody can obtain what they would like if they work hard. Gatsby's inside look on the destroyed American Dream gives sarcasm to the novel because he is the only one that actually ‘works’ for his station. Gatsby was the only person who believed solely in the power of the American Dream. He honestly thought that his efforts and dreams would be effective in the end. Gatsby's one devastating flaw is that he believes in his ability to achieve the American Dream. His disgrace is the fact that he thinks that things can simply go back to the way they were previously. Gatsby overall best circulates around the American Dream because he has humble beginnings. He has a dream, a desire, to find the girl he loves; and that is what motivates him. Gatsby also represents the destructive American Dream because he does not succeed in obtaining everything he wants even though he works minor with his goal, Daisy Buchanan. Several times throughout the novel, a green light is brought up. The green light symbolized envy, jealousy, longing, and in
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