American Dreams And The American Dream

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Mobility and the American Dream feed off one another, immigrants and American citizens wanting to work hard and building new inventions to make life easier. Without this American ingenuity, it might of taken the United States longer to get to where the country is now. The American Dream has helped people see all the potential that there is in the U.S. Almost all aspects of mobility relating to the American Dream are still achievable. The path to the so called American Dream might be a harder to reach while a different route might have to be taken than earlier generations had to take to get to the American Dream. Technology has come along way and has helped many people achieve visions of the American Dream as well as the three different aspects of mobility. In part of doing so there has been a path paved for others to also achieve their own visions of the American Dream and mobility. The American Dream is the idea that every citizen should have equal opportunity to achieve success through hard work and not giving up on their dreams. There are three main types of mobility, upward, economic and social all three have a correlation to the American Dream. The American Dream has not changed over the years of people wanting a good paying job, to own their own home and have a family. The way of achieving that has changed though. More and more people want to be wealthy and reach the top social class where there is economic freedom. The U.S. has been going through a tremendous…

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