American Economy 1920s

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Section A: Plan of Investigation
This investigation evaluates the economy in the 1920’s. The question, “What economic circumstances lead to the growth of the American economy in the 1920’s? The question came to my attention when I did extensive research on topics in which I enjoyed. The 1920’s holds a special place within me because the 1920’s is the heart of modern technology today. With all of the new inventions there should have been a very influential amount of money. I will be accessing different websites, books and charts to study where the economic boom was and how it took place. I will then analyze who was the president during the time, political leaders, industrial leaders and new technology that were created in the 1920’s. I will
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The time was perfect to start a new era of technology and leisure activities because World War I have just ended. Each source has been evaluated and each source has either explained fully in detail and other sources were vague. Each source conclusion was almost the same; with every step we take to rise we must fall.
Source 1:
• In this source the 1920’s are called the interwar period.
• Economic growth was highly impressive in the 1920s.
• With time off from war and work people begun to invest their time in leisure activities.
• Laboring jobs decreased during this time period.
The 1920’s made way for several changes in the American economy. There were many new products being made to make the American life easier. Automobiles, refrigerators, and washing machines to name a few made life easier for a house wife. New inventions made a way for advertisers to promote their work. Clothing factories had begun to appear which meant less sewing for the women in the family.
Source 2:
• Advertising profited from people’s fears and hope to sell more goods
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The origin of this source comes from a topic that many people know about but choses to ignore. The article shows the 1920’s in a new light by explaining everything from inventions to the great depression. The article contains graphical information that clarifies many aspects like inflation and sell’s prices. Financial specialists and students of history have rightly given much regard for the 1920’s decade. On the other hand, with the greater part of this worry about the developing and creating part of government in financial action in the 1930s, the 1920s regularly has a disposition to get disregarded. This is terrible on the grounds that the 1920s are a time of incredible, fundamental economic development. The article denotes the first really present day decade and sensational economic advancements that are found in those years. The article did have some setbacks in regard of the leaders of the time period, the article was very blunt. Even through the article clearly identifies national products prices and the population of laborers; it’s hard to conclude how this started. The value of this source is important because this source provides so much information needed to complete this
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