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For the American economy the future looks bleak. The future of the economy is for corporations to go global and it's happening right now. Many companies are outsourcing tasks to employees in foreign countries and getting rid of many jobs in America because they can make a bigger profit having other people in foreign countries perform the same work for less cost. To improve our economy and create more jobs the Obama administration have been negotiating three new bills known as the Transatlantic Trade investment Partnership, Trans-pacific Partnership, and the Trade in Services Agreement. These bills all have a large amount of secrecy around them and not much is known about them other than information that has been leaked by public officials,…show more content…
The powers gained by these bills include as previously stated the ability to monitor your data for whatever purpose the company wants to use it for including advertising as well as for copyright purposes. Other significant powers include creating products and businesses without having to follow standard environmental rules as well as not having to give up information on genetically modified medicines or food. With the allowing of private corporations to privatize public accommodations such as health care and medicine, private companies can decide how much to charge for health care and medicine even at absurd prices(Carter, Zach…show more content…
I hate the idea of my data and Internet activity being monitored by government because there already is a huge lack of privacy and it is entirely unfair. The TISA bill will allow uninhibited and unsupervised exchanges of personal data. The personal data will reveal your whereabouts, your likes and dislikes, as well as your own personal feelings and private thoughts. Another big reason not to support is that these bills want to end public provided services such as welfare("Secret Trade Agreement Covering 68 Percent of World Services Published by WikiLeaks."). The bills also allow corporations to make any laws they please even if they are to your detriment and no government can create laws to stop them. They also can create their own prices for medicines and services that were once provided by the government. (Sengupta,
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