American Education: The Afflicted System

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Children are the unbridled hopes and dreams of society. They embody power, ambition, and innocence. Children are the untainted saviors of the future. They are full of energy and have minds developing at a rate that is perfect for being educated. They are the future of the world. Everyone wants to invest in the future for whatever personal vendetta they may have. With the amount of emphasis on children and education it is not surprising that the processes by which the next generation is being taught has become scrutinized on many occasions. American public education has been a major issue for almost as long as it has been around. Many movements and people have tried solutions that they believe will solve the problems with the education system. Some solutions had good intentions but were not implemented well. Other solutions had little to no benefits on the system. Education has taken the back seat and allowed standardized testing to drive. American education has become a deformed and twisted system with many flaws that are in desperate need of repair. The Beginnings of American Public Education Early British colonist established the first schools in America. The schools in the Northern states closely resembled those used in Great Britain. Most children attended school to learn the basics of arithmetic, reading, and writing. White males of higher-level socioeconomic families would then receive higher education and possibly attend college. The schools were community based
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