American Education Vs. American Schools

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American education system does not compare to other counties. Students are not expected to meet high standards. American students do not possess the communication and computational skills they need today to succeed in college or in the working world. The American school system has no answer to fixing what a continuous problem we face in this country. Schools are overcrowded, lacks the tools and funding to educate our children. Meanwhile in other counties like China, Korea, and other parts of the world thrive on sending our productive individual into this world. I think if you want your child to have a better education either home school them to insure they are receiving the proper education or send them to a foreign country where sure to get an education, because the American school system does not compare to other counties. Eldzier Cortor like many artist of that time left America to study art in different parts of the world. Artist like Augusta Savage, William Johnson, and Alain Locke all studied art in other counties to increase their knowledge different types of art. What they all have in common is that they were culturally shock at what they learned and observed. Cortor went to study in the western hemisphere, Cuba, Haiti, and Jamaica. Cortor was amazed at the untouched, still traditional, African customs people of the islands. Cortor fascinated by the symbols of the people, stayed in Haiti for two years furthering his education on African art. This art was different
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