American English And British English

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Benjamin Leaman
LT Chamyan
6 JUL 16
American English and British English The usage of the many forms of English dialects have often led to miscommunication. The knowledge gained beforehand can help to limit that, and to provide those visiting with an idea of what the local culture is like. There are specific words and phrases that may prove useful, words and phrases to avoid, and many key differences between American English and British English. Many useful words and phrases in the English language can mean many different things in different dialects. Therefore it is imperative that we as guests and visitors have prior knowledge that would limit miscommunication. One main phrase or reference is the UK itself. The UK is actually The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, made up of the three separate entities of England, Scotland, and Wales; all on the island of Great Britain, and Northern Ireland; on the island of Ireland. Relevant words would include, but not be limited to, petrol/filling station, zebra crossing, level crossing, chemist, muffin, biscuit, chips, bangers, mash, piece (Scotland), jam, lift, queue, bin, cashpoint/hole in the wall, and ground floor. These all mean, respectively, gas station, pedestrian crossing, railroad crossing, drug store, soft rolls, french fries, sausages, mashed potatoes, sandwich, preserve (not the sweet dessert), elevator, line, trash, ATM, and first floor. Some regional sayings may be; “ta”, “khazi”, “all…
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