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The question of whether or not English should be an official language has been a controversial topic since our country was founded. The English language is a tie that helps combine the many pieces of our society together. Our nation should not acclaim bilingualism, but should enfold English as the national language spoken in the United States, to secure the future unity of our nation.

The United States is a nation composed of many immigrants from all around the world. We are a country of many cultural and racial ethnic groups that are constantly reacting to shape the American culture. The English language binds and unites immigrants with native- born Americans. English allows us to communicate with each other and discuss each
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It is starting to become the international language as well. Speaking one language helps the ability of all backgrounds to communicate with one another. With so much diversity in the United States, we need something that joins us together. To speak a language that is used by the world, will help all Americans. English is the common bond of our community, and understanding it is the only way a citizen will be able to fully participate in democracy, business, and education. It is the language of international relations, as well as the language of our historical documents, of communication and of safety. By making English the official language, it will help to bring together Americans, not propel them farther apart.

Many Americans are composed of Hispanic origin. With such a great number of the population speaking a second language, bilingualism will more than likely become an even more common occurrence in many states, in the future. This thought strongly associates with the job market of the United States. The second generation is becoming more bilingual, using one language for their home and the other for business. Workers are going to have to be able to communicate with one another to get the job done. Should native- born American employees learn to speak Spanish to communicate with other fellow employees? My answer would have to be, no. A system that accommodates immigrants in their native languages removes the