American Environmentalism Essay

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“The modern form of the word environment comes from an older word that we hardly use anymore: environ, to surround, to form a ring around, to encircle” (Stoll 3). The meaning of the word environment did not become a major factor in the lives of humanity until 1945. The tragic events that led to the end of World War II sparked a chief movement in history: American Environmentalism. Global decision-making changed as well as human unity due to the mere purpose that fate of all people and the environment became intertwined (Stoll 1). I will further discuss the dramatic attempts made by some Americans to bring the importance of preserving our environment to the surface to show if and how we have evolved. “On July 16, 1945, a six-kilogram…show more content…
Not enough of humanity took an interest in what environed them. The interest was not sparked until it threatened the life of humanity. There were many sources that lead to environmentalism. Preserving the wilderness was just one aspect of the progress made since 1945. Post WWII, Americans view on the resources used as well as the way they treated their environment changed. Americans protested the abuse of the environment (Stoll 11), and politically there were statements made against air and water pollution (Stoll 11) by the president as well as women’s organizations. “Novelist Earnest Callenbach imagined a transformation in the entire political and material basis of American Society in the form of a new nation…(Callenbach 111).” “Through this fictional device, Callenbach creates a world of complete equality, but also one in which a nationally unifying solution to the problem of the environment proved to be impossible” (Callenbach111). We are steadily building and creating new devices and products that contribute to the pollution of the atmosphere. For instance, there are far more cars on the road then there are people, and I see no real progress in the actions taken in attempt to save the environment. The number of people contributing to the harm of the environment is far greater then the number trying to preserve it. In Lester Browns Document entitled
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