American Ethnic Literature Differs From American Literature

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American ethnic literature differs from American literature. The author’s background is considered to determine which category is fitting. American ethnic authors include immigrants who have arrived in the United States and become a citizen or first-generation Americans. American ethnic authors write in English, but sometimes use original language and speech. American ethnic literature often depicts life before America, as well life after arriving. American ethnic literature is important because citizens of all nationalities can share and learn about different backgrounds. Many ethnic authors use life experiences to create their characters and stories.
American literature involves American-born authors writing about American themes and issues. The United States is a hodgepodge of nationalities as a result of immigrants flooding the eastern and western coasts. These immigrants became American, but still had their cultural roots. Ethnic literature is literature written by immigrants who have become United States citizens and first generation born Americans. According to McQuade et al. (1999), “This reluctance to acknowledge someone as an “American writer” is usually tied to an author’s foreign origins and “first” language” (p. 2811). Ethnic literature covers topics, plots, and characters that reflect the author’s original nationality, culture, and language. American ethnic literature also ties in American life, themes, and events. Although America has an…
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