American Exceptionalism In The 1600's

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American exceptionalism is the idea that the American people are somehow better than others. This belief is so engrained in our society that we don’t think anything of it, or if we do we don’t think of it as a negative part of our culture. We consider being the melting pot of the world to be something great. On the surface, being the melting pot of the world is good; we bring many different people and cultures together. But when you think critically about it, you realize that because of power imbalances and other problems like racism, sexism, or other forms of bigotry, it becomes an assimilation of cultures rather than an equal mixing together.
We melt all the cultures together into one giant “American culture” which causes the loss of history
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In the 1600’s, many Puritan people decided to move over to American land from the United Kingdom to escape “religious persecution”. They came to the Americas because they were under the belief that it was their divine right and duty to take them over. Puritans believed that God had given them this right and that theey were to “colonize” this new frontier. Despite the fact that Native people had been living there for generations before the Puritans had, they still believed that this “frontier” was meant for them and no one else. Which is why they wanted complete government control over religion, taxation, and other things. Even though the Puritan belief system has faded out of common practice, many pieces of their culture live on. Namely, the frontier myth. The frontier myth is associated now with the western United States and the conquering of it. This belief, as well as American exceptionalism, started out with the Puritans as well. They romanticized the Americas as a place to start new and fresh. A place “…where men might worship as God commanded and only as He commanded”
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