American Exceptionalism Is A Real Concept That Makes America Unique From Other Nations? Essay

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Some people seem to question the concept of American exceptionalism, while others know and interpret it differently. American exceptionalism has various definitions and has been used by many politicians. The most accurate way to define American exceptionalism, though, would be to think of it as a concept that refers to the United States of America as a uniquely free country that is different from other nations based on its principles, history, and political system. Over the years, American exceptionalism has been an important topic of debate with people asking whether it is real and whether it is good. The purpose of this paper is to argue whether American exceptionalism is a real concept that makes America unique from other nations. I seek to show how the idea of American exceptionalism, which has been discussed by many people since the 19th century, could be real and flawed at the same time. Ultimately, this research will shed light on the different myths of American exceptionalism as well as whether it makes America a unique democracy and how diverse groups of people interpret it. Although the United States of America is thought of as an exceptional nation, the term, American exceptionalism itself, is believed to be extraordinary in one way or another. American exceptionalism refers to America as a unique land of great opportunity that is extremely different from other nations. According to Stephen M. Walt, author of the well-written article, The Myth of American
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