American Exceptionalism Research Paper

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Where does the foundation of American exceptionalism come from? Throughout American history, many events and efforts have come into creation due to the active persistence of wanting to achieve a nation of greatness. Bret Stephens, an experienced american journalist, expresses how America’s reason for its greatness is from its ability to change morally and constitutionally. American exceptionalism comes from america’s capacity for moral and constitutional renewal. America’s capacity for moral and constitutional renewal can be seen in the ratification of the constitution, creation of new amendments, and the creation of a Bill of Rights.

Before America had the constitution, it had the Articles of Confederation. This was the first sign of America making an advance towards a complete constitution, considering this was the first version of an actual constitution, which would eventually be altered. The Articles of Confederation was an agreement amongst the 13 colonies, and stated what powers the government had and what
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The creation of the 18th amendment prohibited the production, sale, transportation and consumption of alcohol. The goal was to prevent the negative impacts it was believed to have on society. However, due to the prohibition, it resulted in a rise in illegal activities involving, resulting in more organized crime, death, and corruption. After America realizing it’s failure in it’s plan for intended good, the prohibition would be repealed by the ratification of the 21st amendment. America has displayed their ability to adapt and change for constitutional renewal, in the way of the 18th and the 21st amendments, by acknowledging a failure and problem in society, and then proceeding to address it. If America never repealed the 18th amendment, the situation of alcohol in the united states could’ve
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