Essay about American Exceptionalism and Cross-Cultural Communications

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The study of American exceptionalism and cross-cultural communications has the ability to improve U.S. military effectiveness in USPACOM. Understanding these two cultural principles will improve effectiveness in three ways. First, it allows USPACOM personnel to understand their biases. Second, it gives USPACOM personnel a perspective on how nations in their area of responsibility may potentially view their actions. Finally, cross-cultural communications provides tools for USPACOM personnel to overcome their biases and skepticism from potential partners or adversaries, setting the stage for more effective military engagements.
The importance of understanding these two cultural elements will magnify in the future due to the pending shift
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national interest.” Both the National Security Strategy and USPACOM strategy place strong emphasis on communicating with nations in the region and building partnerships. A sound understanding of the cultural environment is critical in achieving these strategic objectives.
Incorporating cultural understanding into the planning process gives military leaders an edge in planning effective engagements that will eventually result in better communication with both adversaries and allies and stronger partnerships across the region. To achieve cultural understanding USPACOM personnel must first exam the concept of American exceptionalism. American exceptionalism has several meanings, which led Ceaser to describe it as not a concept but a family of concepts. However, Ceaser does identify the common denominator of these various definitions as a claim to uniqueness. This uniqueness refers to the idea that there is either something different about America or something special about America. America is different is the notion that compared to other advance societies the United States is different in key social areas like religion, politics, criminal justice, birth rates, belief in personal freedom, etc. Research conducted by social scientist indicates the United States is an outlier in these areas supporting the idea that America is literally different from other nations. The idea that America is different is a concept embraced by social
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