American Express : An Express Delivery Service Company

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American Express was established in the year 1850 as an express delivery service company in the United States. The founders were not just one but three people; Henry Wells, William G. Fargo and John Butterfield. The company was incorporated in 1965 as a New York business. The company has office locations all throughout the world however; the headquarters is located in the financial district in New York City. Since then it has evolved into something so much bigger and advanced. It is now not only just involved with the U.S. but now a global service company with four operating segments. The different segments are U.S. Card Services, International Card Services, Global Commercial Services and finally Global Network & Merchant Services. The…show more content…
It is said that American express does not see each customer as a monetary transaction however as a chance to intensify the complete relationship. The company is well known for the continued building of relationships and the constant satisfaction of the customers. Just like today, the customers include individual consumers, small businesses, and large companies. American Expresses successful relationship with their customers serves as a strength for the company. Having such a strong relationship with the customers helps the company to be trusted and well liked. Nevertheless, as well as a strength this can also serve as a threat to the company or a weakness. Other companies will notice this relationship Amex builds with the customers and then they would try to generate a similar relationship with their own customers. According to the company’s 2014 10-K Filing Report, a few of their threats can be the competition in the worldwide expenditures business with charge, credit and debit card groups, issuers and acquirers, as well as developing the options for expense suppliers. As the expenditures business maintains the ability to develop, Amex begins to face growing rivalry from non-traditional individuals that influence the advancement of technologies and customer’s current financial records and relations to generate compensation or other fee-based solutions. As a solution the company

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