American Express Matrix Analysis

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American Express Matrix Analysis Business Policy – BUS 490 May, 23rd 2012 SWOT Matrix 1. SWOT matrix is an approach that is used to evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities as well as the threats that are associated with all the activities of the organization. An organization should conduct a SWOT analysis strategy with an aim of ensuring that it meets all its set goals. More so they will be at a position of identifying their competitors with whom they operate same businesses so as to ensure they remain competitive in the market. When evaluating the strength of an organization, organizations such as American Express should ensure that all the strengths of that organization are listed and more so it should ensure that…show more content…
There are many recommendations that it has to consider for the next three years. For instance, it has to reduce its cost to the customers. This will facilitate in ensuring satisfaction of customers as a result of affordable prices. Second it should establish other travel branches in different parts of the world the organization may use $3000 for the expansion. This will facilitate in attraction of a large market share which will result to increased profit. The organization should also ensure that it advertise all its services through various media services that will meet many customers with an aim of convincing them to prefer their services as compared to those if other organizations. 4. Comparison of the my recommendation with those of the organization American Express has plans to establish some more companies in other parts of the world which compares with the recommendations offered for the next three years, since it is recommended that the organization should establish other branches in different areas with an aim of attracting a large market share. The recommendation of advertising also compare with that of American Express since they have a plan to identify online services to attract many customers. American Express also considers partnership with other organizations which will
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